25/11/2011 by Nitesh

Clear Cache of all Drupal subdomains using Drush


Imagine you are working on a Apache server that has around hundreds of subdomains and run from a single codebase using Drupal CMS and you need to clear the inbuilt cache of all subdomains without restarting the server. to solve this, there is a utility tool named as Drush. It is a command line shell scripting specially built for Drupal. Please note that you need to install drush before running the below line. If you do not have drush installed, you can download it from here. Write in the below command and it will clear the cache of all subdomains in one go:
drush @sites -y -r /var/www/ cc all

/var/www–Is the folder path where Drupal is installed.

Let me know if you find any issues….