01/07/2013 by Nitesh

Get Status of a Yahoo User using the username


This is a short post that will explain how can you check the status of a Yahoo User whether he/she is online or not. I came across this handy stuff today while browsing something for fun.To know the status of the user, you just need to go to the below URL and change the “niteshluharuka” with the User ID of your yahoo account.


You will get either of the below self explanatory messages-

  • niteshluharuka is NOT ONLINE
  • niteshluharuka is ONLINE

Please note that this feature does not do the following –

  • Show the user as ONLINE if he/she has marked the status as “Invisible to Everyone” from the chat messenger.
  • Does not check whether the username entered is correct or not.

Try this quick tip on your friends and have fun. If you are aware of any such other yahoo functionality, share via the comments below.