20/06/2015 by Nitesh

How To Keep IIS Express Running After Debugging is Stopped in Visual Studio 2012


In Visual Studio 2012 whenever you debug a web application and open the application in Chrome/Firefox, the application used to run even after you have stopped debugging. This means, you can stop debugging, edit some piece of code, rebuild and just refresh the page in browser to test things. However, in Visual Studio 2013 this does not happen. By default when you stop debugging, IIS express is turned off and you need to run the application again to start the web application. In this article, we will see how we will prevent Visual Studio 2013 from doing so.To turn off this feature, you need to perform the following steps –

  • Open Options dialog box via Tools > Options
  • Find Debugging > Edit and Continue
  • Uncheck “Enable Edit and Continue” and click OK.


  • You’re done.

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