24/08/2012 by Nitesh

Simple Date validation using Regex in Javascript

Many of us find difficulties while validating the date field in JavaScript. This is a simple example where I will explain you the basics of validating a date field using JavaScript. So, follow the steps below and get date validated on your form in few minutes:

In your JavaScript section of the HTML page, define the following function

function checkdate(dd,mm,yy)
var returnval=false;
var dayobj = new Date(yy, mm-1, dd)
if ((dayobj.getMonth()+1!=mm)||(dayobj.getDate()!=dd)||(dayobj.getFullYear()!=yy))
     alert("Invalid Day, Month, or Year range detected. Please correct and submit again.")
return returnval;

You are done!! Call this function passing date, month and year values in numbers and see the output!!