09/01/2015 by Nitesh

Solution : Oledb Exception – No value given for one or more required parameters


In this post, we will see solution to an error that occurs when using OleDbConnection classes to connect with Access database. The exception says – “No value given for one or more required parameters”. This can occur while inserting, selecting, updating or deleting data in Access database.  The common problems to this error are as below –

  • The column name mentioned in the SELECT statement is incorrect – Lets say we have a column named “Image File Name” in Access and we write code as
    SELECT [Image FileName] FROM tblName

    In this case, when the command is executed, an OleDBException will be thrown. You need to ensure that the column names used in your SELECT query is correct.

  • The values passed for a column in query is incorrect – This is a case where you are trying to update a text column without passing the value in single quotes. For ex – we have a Text column named Class in table. To update this column, we are writing the belowquery-
    UPDATE tblName Set Class=Hello World

    If you notice we are updating the table by passing values in incorrect format. The correct format would be as below –

    UPDATE tblName Set Class='Hello World'

If you know about any other reason that can create this error, please share in comments or let me know and I will update the article. Hope this post helps you! Keep learning and sharing! Cheers!