03/01/2015 by Nitesh

Export Data From GridView to Excel 2007/2010 in ASP.Net

Friends, In this post, we will see how can we export data from GridView to Excel 2007/2010 format in ASP.Net in less than 5 minutes. Without much delay, let’s get started – Add EPPlus package using Nuget. Include OfficeOpenXml and OfficeOpenXml.Table namespaces at the top. In your event handler, write the below code. You’re done….

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21/10/2014 by Nitesh

How To Implement Select All/Unselect All CheckBoxes in GridView Rows

Friends, In my last posts, I explained How To Add CheckBox to GridView and How To Get Selected Multiple Rows From GridView. In this post, I will explain how can  you select/unselect all rows of a GridView by selecting a CheckBox in client side. We will start with using the same GridView, we are using…

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20/10/2014 by Nitesh

How To Get Multiple Selected Rows From GridView In ASP.Net

Friends, In my last post I explained how easily we can add a CheckBox column to a GridView in Asp.Net. Having a CheckBox column in GridView, now we can select multiple records from the GridView. We can now write some piece of code with the help of which we can perform multiple actions on the…

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18/10/2014 by Nitesh

How To Add A CheckBox Column to GridView in ASP.Net

Friends, Many a times, we need to give users a Checkbox in a GridView that users can use to select multiple rows from the GridView. In one of my previous post, we saw how we can do this in Windows Forms. In this post, we will see how can we add a CheckBox column to an…

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28/09/2014 by Nitesh

Solution: The data source does not support server-side data paging with GridView

Friends, While working with GridView, I faced an issue while binding the data to GridView. The error message read as “The data source does not support server-side data paging.“. Initially I thought this was related to paging functionality of the GridView and looked into that, but thatw as not the solution. After doing bit of…

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