31/03/2013 by Nitesh

Error Codes and Explanation for MySQL Database Server

Friends, Often while working with MySQL server, we get error codes. It is a painful task to identify the exact error with the error code. This post lists all the error codes and their descriptions for MySQL server. This post does not discuss the solution for each error code, but only the description of the…

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15/02/2013 by Nitesh

How to Start-Stop MySQL Server on CentOS Server

Friends, Working with Linux Servers and you often need to start/stop/restart services. Many a times we just restart the complete server to restart services. However, restarting the server for restarting services is not recommended and we can restart the services manually via commands as well. This small post is to explain how you can start/stop/restart…

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11/05/2012 by Nitesh

How to Optimize and Repair MySQL tables

Very Often when we deal with large amount of data in MySQl table, we need to Optimize and repair MySQL tables. Here are the MySQL Queries to do the same: Optimize Table: OPTIMIZE TABLE TBL_NAME Repair Table: REPAIR TABLE TBL_NAME The Other way of doing this is to follow the below steps. Go to PhpMyAdmin…

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