09/05/2016 by Nitesh

Disallow Search Engine Crawlers to Index Websites

When working for any client, we all showcase the work on a development server that is available on a public domain and easily accessible to client. With Search Engines crawling the internet at a huge speed, it’s likely that Search Engine Crawler aka Robots like Google, Bing, yahoo will index the development webpages that we…

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30/04/2015 by Nitesh

How To Enable Task Manager in Windows 8.1

Friends, Windows Task Manager is used to view details about processes running on your computer. Today, I came across an application that was disabling the Task Manager by itself. In this post, we will see how to enable Task Manager in Windows 8.1 machine via Registry. If the Task manager is disabled, you may get…

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29/04/2015 by Nitesh

How To Disable File Preview in Visual Studio 2012

Friends, In visual Studio 2012, Microsoft released a very handy feature of auto previewing a file as soon as you select the file in Solution Explorer. However, this feature may become annoying at some scenarios. In this post, we will see few ways of disabling the same. Option 1: Go to Tools > Options >…

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14/10/2014 by Nitesh

How To Add Custom ComboBox Column to DataGridView in Windows Forms

Friends, In this post we will see how can we add a custom ComboBox column to DataGridView in Windows forms. This scenario generally comes when we need to edit a row in the DataGridView and allow users to select value for a cell from a predefined set of values. This post will help you achieve…

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30/09/2014 by Nitesh

How To List The Name of Current Active Window in C#

Friends, In this post, we will see how can we get the name of currently active window using C#. Since a .Net application cannot access objects outside the application, to get the active window we will use few functions of Windows API provided by Microsoft. We will specifically use GetForegroundWindow() and GetWindowText() functions to implement…

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