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HAMESA – Always With You

Hello Friends,

First of all – HAMESA (pronounced as HA-ME-SAA) is Hindi version of the word “Always” and hence the tagline “Always with you”.

What is HAMESA?

HAMESA is a Windows Phone 8 app that will allow users to calculate the taxi fare when travelling in Kolkata. This app has been written to help you, your friends, your family members to get rid of the fear that taxi driver might do a  fraud with you based on the meter charges.  This app can be used by everyone normal users, students, professionals, housewives, elders, children while travelling in a taxi to validate the fare demanded by the taxi driver. The app uses the latest and revised taxi fares in Kolkata.


Screen 1

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 3












How to Use the App?

From the screenshots above, you must have got an idea on how simple is the app to use. You tap on the app to open it. enter the amount as shown in Taxi meter. Hit Calculate and you’re done! The app will show you the final amount to be paid to the taxi driver.

Where to Get From?

The app is available for free! You can get the app from here. In case you have any issues downloading the app, feel free to contact me here.

Version History

v 1.1.0
Calculate as you type
Share and Review from the App Bar
Minor Changes to Design

v 1.0.0
Basic Functionality of the App


A criticism made on an item makes it better. So, Feedback is important! Do not forget to share your reviews and suggestions regarding the  app on the store here or in comments below which will help me to improve the app in future.

Future Improvements

All based on your feedback!!!!

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