02/10/2013 by Nitesh

How to Change your Twitter Username


Twitter is another form of social media apart from Facebook that we use to connect to our peers and friends to know what’s happening around the world and remain connected. Not very often, but sometimes we require to change our Twitter URL. This can be easily done by changing Twitter username. This post will explain how to change your Twitter Account Username from your profile. This will automatically change your Twitter Profile URL as well. To change your Twitter Username, follow the below steps –

  • Login to your Twitter accounttwitter1
  • Click Settings icon on top right and Click “Settings”twitter2
  • Enter your desired name in the username field, the username will automatically be checked for availability. Once done, click “Save Changes”twitter3
  • For security reasons, Twitter will ask you to enter your password before proceeding. Enter your password and click “Save Changes”.twitter4

Once done, your Twitter Username and Username will be changed to the new one. Hope you like this post!

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