28/08/2013 by Nitesh

How to Turn Off Delivery read Receipts in Outlook 2010

A post after a long time –

Today I noticed that Outlook 2010 sends a Read Receipt of every email received in my Inbox. As soon as I read an email, a read confirmation is sent to the email sender. This is a very good feature of Outlook but sometimes we do not want the sender to know that the email has been read by us. For this, we can change a small setting in Outlook that will disallow “Read Receipts” to be sent to the sender or will ask you everytime before sending the “Read Receipt”.

The steps to configure this are as below –

  • Go to File > Optionsoutlook-1
  • Select Mail and look for “Tracking”
  • Based on what you prefer to set for “Read Receipts”, select one of the following –
    • Always Send a read Receipt — It automatically sends a read receipt to the sender.
    • Never Send a read Receipt — It never sends a read receipt to the sender.
    • Ask each time whether to send a read Receipt — It asks on reading every email if you want the read receipt to be sent to the sender. This can be annoying if you read so many emails in a day.outlook-2

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