29/11/2011 by Nitesh

Online Webcast on “Open Data For The open Web”

Kolkata Geeks invites you to join the weekly online session so that people living outside of kolkata can join us and even participate or contribute to the community.

Topic: Open Data For The open Web

Brief: “Open Data For Open Web” – In an effort to break the Data Silos that exist today between different products and different platform, Open Data Protocol or OData as is popularly known as – is a protocol from Microsoft which focuses on universal data exchange. OData uses the prooven HTTP + ATOM/ATOM PUB + JSON/XML technologies to achieve this. In next 1 hour or so, i will try to walktrough from different aspects such as motivation for the protocol, the protocol itself and the experiences that this protocol brings about. We will also look at the producers and consumers currently available for odata.

Speaker: Lohith Goudagere Nagaraj, Microsoft MVP

Date: Saturday, DEC 03, 2011
Time: 2 PM (IST)
Duration: 1 hour (2PM to 3PM)
The Target Audience :
Level 200 РLevel 300 (General Developers)

Meeting URL:

Meeting date & time:
DEC 03, 2011 2 PM (IST)
(We recommend you to join us before 15 minutes of the actual time)

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