24/11/2011 by Nitesh

Troubleshooting Generic “File Not Found” Error in Sharepoint

Dear Friends,

While working with Sharepoint, almost everyone of us have faced the Sharepoint “File Not Found” error..may be while adding a webpart to a page or while performing some action on the page. The error as shown below:

It is highly recommended that you do NOT apply these changes on production server. Also, on development server after you have fixed the issue, please revert back ot original web.config file.

To see the exact error and not this generic error (people form ASP.Net background can understand how painful is this to fix an issue on webpage when we don;t have any clue and just a generic error page), please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\{Port number of your sharepoint site}
  2. Create backup of the current web.config file by makingĀ  a copy–MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT FORGET IT IN CASE ANYTHING GETS SCREWED UP, THIS WILL HELP!!
  3. Open web.config in your favorite editor
  4. Search for the text “Callstack” and set the value to “true”
  5. Search for the text “CustomErrors” and set the value to “Off”
  6. Search for the text “Debug” and set the value to “true”
  7. Save the file and refresh the page. You will get the exact cause of the error.

Hope this helps in your daily encounters with Sharepoint. Please feel free to share this and let me know your thoughts via comments!

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