29/05/2014 by Nitesh

Solution – TF51011: The specified iteration path does not exist in Visual Studio


While working with TFS and Visual Studio, I suddenly started getting the error message as “TF51011: The specified iteration path does not exist. The error is caused by Project\Release 1\Sprint 1” while trying to run the following Shared Queries –

  • Blocked tasks
  • Open Impediments
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Test Cases
  • Unfinished Work
  • Work In Progress

An example of error message is shown below –


The problem occurs whenever you rename the name of the Sprint to any other name. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below –

  • Right Click on the Query, Click Edit Querytfs-2
  • Change Iteration Path of the query to the modified Sprint Name.tfs-3
  • Save the Query.
  • You’re done.

Keep learning and sharing! Cheers!